Excursion with dinosaurs

NHM - Entrance hall
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Yesterday I went to London to draw the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.

Unfortunately the dinosaur gallery is not very drawing friendly. The light is appaling, there's nowhere to sit down and look at the dinos.

And worst of all, most of them are suspended in the air, so it is hard to get close to them. Except for the narrow platform that leads you through the beginning of the exhibition. But there you are constantly faced with people going by, being in the way and/or bumping into you.

So, I only have some dino heads and this drawing of the BIG Diplodocus at the entrance hall.

But I drew some other things instead; a whale, a mammut and some of the architectural details. The building the NHM is located in is just fantastic!!

After eating my lunch outside (a bit freezing!), I went next door to the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is full to brim with all kinds of art and design, past and present. I drew some dresses and some stuff in the Japanese section.

I had a very good day, but very tiring. Who'd've thunk art could be so exhausting?? ;-)

Some of my drawings from yesterday are in my Flickr Drawing set. Go have a look!

Thursday, January 05, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 1:50 PM