e7even suck

Really, really suck.

We are now able to get online. However, the only things we can access are the e7even website and T's webdomain because that's hosted on their servers.

I really cannot believe how crappy these people are. How bad their service apparently is and so on and so forth!!

This has been going on for almost a month now. Surely, it can't be THAT hard to fix??

Last week, on Tuesday evening I think, T had read somewhere that if you changed back to the old username (or whatever it is called), then it would work. And it did. Till Sunday afternoon.

Since then, nothing.

What does it take to get them to fix it?? And why don't they update their Network Status more often?? Don't they know that people who have to wait, are more likely to be angry with the people who make them wait, if they get no information or information that is COMPLETELY USELESS?? The Network Status was last updated on the 20th and that update is of NO HELP TO US at all!

Update: 20th Jan 2006 03:49.
Some changes have been made to the routers connecting BBUK realm customers to the core network and customers are advised that powering off their modem/router for 5 minutes and then powering back on may improve the quality of the broadband connection.

What good does that do when you have NO CONNECTION??

After we had had this problem the first week, T requested a socalled MAC code so we can transfer to another provider, but we are STILL WAITING for that code!! Why is it so hard to send this code to people??

How can we get them to get their asses in gear and BLOODY DO SOMETHING??

It's a shame that their office is in Maidstone, or I'd suggest that people get together and go and protest in front of their building!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 posted by Wardi @ 11:46 AM