Space Cadets

There's a thing on Channel4 called Space Cadets. Basically it's 9 people who think that they are taking part in the selection process to be the first British space tourist. They think they are at a Russian base, but in reality they are on a disused army base in Suffolk, England.

Or so they programme claims.

Some of T's colleagues (and probably other people as well, people are like that) think that they really are in Russia, and that the joke is actually on the viewers who think the joke is on the contestants.

I think that sounds kinda silly. Especially since some of the things the would-be astronauts (though they won't actually experience weightlessness) are told, are complete and utter bollocks! Like that there's a city in Russia named after the monkey in space, Minski.

In all appearances, Channel4 has spent a lot of money on this, and it's on EVERY NIGHT!, but it's actually not very interesting. Not a lot happens, and i think they could easily have chopped air time down to 30 minutes in stead of the whole hour it is on for...

Saturday, December 10, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 11:58 AM