Rings revisited.

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Hello you lovely people.

I have been ill for most of this week, (still not 100%)and with the staying in bed a lot and sleeping throught the day, i have found myself awake at odd hours...

To pass the time i decided to rewatch the Lord of the Ring trilogy, not the theatrical released versions, oh no, they're for wimps! I watched the all-singing-all-dancing-special-magic-really, really hours and hours-extended-versions (that may not be their actual name)

Anyhow, the point of this is i hadn't watched these DVDs since they first came out which is quite a while and i'd forgotten just how damn good they are, dramatic exciting with some amazing action sequences,(and not a few confusing names) so i reckon you should all go watch them now, or if you don't have them put 'em on your Christmas list, i've seen them selling quite cheap here and there, and these three films are really worth the money.

Tell 'em Glory sent you ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2005 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 7:59 PM