I wrote this a wee while ago, but didn't get round to post it. But I have to now, as my lowly assistant is showing off how he's bought all those Christmas presents...

The first of the four Sundays before Christmas has come and gone and in two days it'll be December 1st. In my family we've always decorated the house on that first Sunday, or atleast just in time for the beginning of December.

The funny thing is that you (when I say you, obviously I mean me, I can't possibly begin to generalise about all of y'all) tend to think of there being a month to Christmas, when in fact there are only 24 days.

And for us Danes it's only 23 as we celebrate and get presents on Christmas Eve. But I digress.

So you always seem to run out of time, don't you?? There's always something; presents still to be bought, Christmas tree to be decorated, or Christmas cards that quite possibly will never be sent!!

But this year I'm feeling rather good about my Christmas preparations. We already got the tree (though only partially decorated, I need to make some more decorations, it could pass for decorated in a pinch!).

Except for a few things that we've ordered online, we've got the presents for EVERYONE; there'll be no rush to get that last thing this year!

I guess I owe it to T that I'm this organized this year.

Saturday, December 03, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:25 PM