Living with the English (part six)

Today I posted 18 Christmas cards. We have another 10 to give to T's family + he had some to give to people at work.

In England that appears to be on the low side; some people send/give around 50 or more!! It is absolutely crazy how many Christmas cards these people send! But, considering that they send them to virtually anyone they know, it's bound to be a lot! A lot being 1.7 billion Christmas cards each year. That's the equivalent of 200,000 trees. {source}

For example, we're giving one to T's sister and her hubby. But we're also giving one to the nephew, who, being 2 years old, barely knows what a Christmas card is, and cares even less! On asking T why we must give him one, and not just include him on the one to his parents, he replied that "well, it's not really for him, it's for his parents".

Ho hum. Ok. So we're giving him one, but it's actually for his parents, who we're already giving one??

Also, it seems to be costumary that we give each other one. This also puzzles me. T explained it; it is to show that we care and think about each other. Which, since we live together, apparently is not already obvious.

So, you see, you must send/give many Christmas cards to do right by everyone. Even to people you rarely see, and have little in common with. It's a bit excessive, IMHO.

In Denmark, usually you send Christmas cards to people that you are close to, or atleast have some kind of regular interaction with.

Of course, it's nice to get Christmas cards and all that, but it seems that here it's some kind of weird status symbol, to be shown off on the mantle piece (above your focal point fireplace, but that's another matter altoghether!).

PS. Email me if you think we should exchange Christmas cards! ;-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 2:14 PM