Human focus

Since photographing has become a semi-obsession for me, I've noticed soemthing very fascinating.

I see things more clearly and with more detail than the camera does. Even when the object is far away, my eyes can see a tiny little thing far better than the camera can. And when using the zoom on the camera, it still doesn't seem to be able to catch details in the same way.

Now, I'm no expert photographer by far, but I suspect that it's something to do with focus. What the camera can focus on and what the human eye can. I reckon the human eye is subjective, the camera isn't and that makes anything in the lense of equal value.

Anyway, this realisation is important for me in regards to my drawing and such. Because I can look at something at quite some distance, and draw minute details, details that the camera might not pick up.

Drawing is good.

Thursday, December 08, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 8:12 PM