Harrods Store Guide

Harrods Store Guide
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Ever been to Harrods in London?? It's very posh and very, very big!

As for the poshness, some of the toilets aren't just mere toilets. No, they are "ladies'/gentlemen's luxury washrooms".

And boy are they luxury! Besides the actual toilets, there are little stalls with mirrors where you can sit down (on an upholstered seat!) and touch up your make-up. And there are carpets on the floor (though not in the actual toilets, that would be gross, non?).

As for the size of Harrods, that should be clear from the very fact that they have a Store Guide to help people find their way round the shop!

And it is needed! There are seven floors and you can find virtually anything you could possibly need. If you have the money, that is.

There are antiques, a Champagne & Oyster Bar, fitted carpets, cigars, a travel agent, prams, jewelry, tapestries, theatre tickets, riding equipment and anything else you could possibly desire.

Harrods also sports a Lost & Found, a bank, a safe deposit and of course there's the Memorial to Dodi and Diana...

Here are some pictures of our sightseeing in London with my parents.

And here you can also see some pictures of the Harrods Christmas decoration department and other London details.

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