You're an artist!

Today I was thinking about all this crafty/creative/arty stuff that I do. I take it completely for granted. I cannot imagine not tinkering with something or other.

I'm mainly self-taught, but I've always been surrounded with people who made stuff, so it's never occurred to me not to do stuff. My mum used to do all sorts of things: cross stitching, knirring, sewing, weaving, she could even draw; why did she ever stop doing that??

My dad's mum crocheted, did pearl embroidery; I did that with her too, she made lace (oh how I regret that she didn't teach me to do that!) and lots of other things.

Even my dad does things. They may not seem very creative, but, really, they are! Over time he's fixed countless computers, several cars and moved just about every wall in their house.

If you define art as what you can't do (and I do), then those things, by definition, are art as well. It's just a matter of looking at the handy work of other people and discovering the art of it.

In my opinion, you don't have to do something that some people might put in a museum to be an artistic. If you make a fab chocolate cake, write personal birthday cards to all your friends and family (and not just an email) or raise your kids to not be complete monsters (oh there's something a lot of people seem unable to do!), there is a creative streak in you!

That said, most people are indeed capable of making "art". Problem is that they when they were growing up, they were told by "well meaning" grown ups that is was a waste of time. There were better things to do, like math or spelling, whatever.

We've all got the capability to create. If we can pick up a pencil and write our own name, we can make art. Try it! Write your name, as you would if you were to sign something: your signature is unique.

There's noone else in the whole world who has a signature like it. They can't make a signature like yours (except if they are of the signature faking type of people..). And if we use my parameter for what art is; something that you cannot do, then your signature is a piece of art because only you can make it!

Monday, November 21, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 8:07 PM