Socalled Denmarkian Invasion Postponed or the Tale of the Vagabond

I'm in Denmark for a few days, and it is thoroughly weird. On so many levels!

Going through streets that i've known all my life and now they feel strange somehow. Watching Danish telly; they have subtitles!! It's so weird to watch those and listen to it at the same time. I'm so used to watcing English telly with no subtitles, and reading the subtitles kinda throws me! Cause although the meaning is the same, they words used to convey the meaning are different.

I had a dentist appointment today and it appeared that one of my wisdom teeth has a cavity. On m dentist's recommendation, I'm having it pulled tomorrow. SO not looking forward to that!!

This afternoon I did a bit of shopping. Highly unusual for me, as shopping is something I don't like much. But I had a list and knew where I had to go; that takes the stress out of the shopping experience!

And I had to go to a craft shop, and that's so not like shopping, it's a paradise for someone like me. If only I could afford to buy all the stuff in there!!

I specifically had to buy some shoes, cause so far I haven't seen any winter-y shoees in England that I like. And I found some shoes today, and a pair f boots. From my favourite bootmaker, Vagabond. And they were on sale too. Yay!

Actually, I was surprised that I've never seen this make in England, but since it's a Swedish company.. that might explain it... They are absolutely lovely boots, black suede with lamb wool lining. Comfy and cosy, they feel like walking on cotton.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 7:51 PM