EDM #41 - Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge drawing
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I decided to join the Everyday Matters group. Cause I need to draw more! So for this week's challenge (Draw a landmark of your city), it's the Tower Bridge. Now if that isn't a landmark, I don't know what is! ;-)

Though it's not actually in our town, well.. it's close enough.

What is Everyday Matters, you might ask??

Well, it's a bunch of people who draw an everyday thing each week. Though, it's not important that you do them only that week, you can do them whenever. It's all about looking at the world around you...

It's inspired by this book, by a chap called Danny Gregory. He has a weblog; which is where I first encountered the group.

All good fun and I do more drawing. A win-win situation.

Friday, November 18, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 3:27 PM