Earrings - a detail

Earrings painting detail
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I made this little painting yesterday. I've had the earrings since 1993, when I bought them in Prague, yet until now it never occurred to paint them. Depsite their obvious painterly beauty!

As I was painting them, I re-realised something that I've thought of a few times before.

Conscerning when I'm painting, making collages in Photoshop or indeed writing entries for this blog.

If I pause from whatever activity I am engaged in, I will sometimes wonder about that lovely story I was just reading.

And then I realise that I wasn't reading anything, I was creating something and that feels like reading a wonderful story. But it is all in my head.

I suspect this is the reason why I need to do creative things, to keep capturing that feeling of being part of something magic.

Sunday, November 13, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 4:58 PM