Wardi does Wallace & Gromit

We went to see Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit today (Imdb article). We watched it in an advance screening, so I wont go into what it's about, in case it might spoil it for anyone (besides, you can always go somewhere else to read it if you want...).

I totally adore Wallace and Gromit. And this new one is absolutely awesome! Really, it is.

It's just funny on so many levels. And I love the claymation. I've always been fascinated by this... art form. I remember when the first W&G film came out and I'd watch something on telly where Nick Park told about how they had made it. It so impressed itself on me.

As impressive as CG is, claymation has something that's far beyond what you can do with the computer: it's got a soul! If you notice, in some of the closeups of faces, you can see the fingerprints from when they made it. You've gotta love that!

And I find the film funny because in many ways it's so quintessentially English! Oh, speaking of which, Helena Bonham-Carter is absolutely SUPERB doing the voice for the posh heiress Lady Tottington (Totty). That character is one of my favourites: notice her clothes, they are always something with flowers or vegetables!

As the film is produced (or whatever) by Dreamworks, it is preceded by a HILARIOUS little CG film with the penguins from Madagascar and a MEAN poodle.

So, go see this lovely film, I really cannot recommend it enough!

6 out of 6 6 out of 6 6 out of 6 6 out of 6 6 out of 6 6 out of 6

Sunday, October 09, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 10:31 PM