Wardi does Serenity

This is a bit overdue, as we saw this film last Monday, so...

Serenity, as you may know, is based on the short-lived (why?) tv series Firefly. However, you don't have to have seen the tv series to "get" the film. It helps towards establishing the characters and the universe. (Like I would know, I've only watched 2 episodes or something like that. ;-b )

Speaking of universe, it has the same "used universe" feel to it as the first SW films, it seems like a place where people actually live (however bleak their lives may be). So much so that there are actually mentioning of being hungry and there is one scene where FOOD is clearly visible; even what looks like nice rolls!

And there is furniture that looks like something people would like to sit on, soft and made of wood and fabric, not plastic or some other spacy material. It seems human. The same can be said for the costumes, they go well with the rest of the universe. Though a few of the characters' clothing seem odd:

River's clothes, looks like rather flimsy dresses, isn't she cold?? And her bare feet!?? Inara never looks like she's in any kind of danger; her clothes are always immaculate and lavish garments, and she changes them often!

The characters, they seem like 'real' people, as close to it as sci-fi characters can get anyway, eh? They have their quirks and some of them are downright geeky!

The dialogue is quite..witty, especially where main character Mal is concerned. It reminds me a lot of Han/Leia/luke dialogue.

Something that annoys me a bit, is the commercials, they are very colourful and appear really Japanese inspired. I don't have a problem with that as such, it's just that it seems like a lot of sci-fi offerings of late draw their inspiration from there. Attack of the Clones come to mind. Same goes with lettering, more Japan inspiration. Odd that they use that as inspiration when most of the characters are non-Asian.. so it doesn't make a lot sense that a remnant of Japan is the basis of the alphabet??

The battle in space reminds me a lot of SW, but heck, SW invented epic space battles, didn't they?? Oh and I'm fairly sure that at one point I saw a space vehicle of some sort that looked like a TIE fighter, only slightly bigger and more grey-ish...

The only thing I didn't like about the film was the Reavers, but that's because one of the scariest things, I can imagine, is when people turn inhuman and against their very nature. :-|

I really liked the film, and I'll recommend it to anyone who's the least bit into sci-fi! And I'm actually hoping they make another! Maybe that one would get a bit more advertising, it doesn't seem like Universal have been to keen to help it succeed??

Verdict: 5 x 5 out of 6 Ws

Sunday, October 23, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 12:16 PM