So I got this email...

This morning I had a very interesting email. I am still not sure how to respond to it. It feels a bit odd to let them use my photo completely free of charge. That doesn't seem right, does it??

A thought, anyone??

Your motorcycle photo, Wardi.

I'm a marketing consultant to small businesses here in the States, Wardi. One of my clients is a guy named Bill Shenk, who trains motorcycle dealers how to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Bill writes a regular column for a magazine that's directed to motorcycle dealers (PowerSports Business), for which his remuneration is a free half-page ad in each issue.

Any chance you'd extend permission for us to use that remarkable photo of a motorcycle with rear-view mirrors sprouting from everywhere in one of those ads, or perhaps in a brochure? All your photos are so colorful and beautifully composed (this isn't hollow flattery--I'm far too old to waste time with that), and that one's no exception. I loved it immediately!

Frankly, I have only the vaguest idea of how we might use it. Perhaps a caption about "hindsight" or something. It's even possible we could find no use for it at all. But I'd sure like to try, if you'd grant permission for a commercial usage. And of course I'd promise whatever attribution you wanted, as well as a copy of the ad or brochure in which your photo is used.

Please let me know whether such use would be acceptable to you, Wardi.

Thanks! -Gregg

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:49 PM