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Hello everybody :D

Ever had a film be as good as you hoped it would be??

I'm going to say something i haven't said much, now i love Star Wars, but the prequels with the exception of Episode 3 have been on the whole a bit of a let down if i'm honest with myself. I went into them expecting better and i don't think they could ever live up to the hype...

On the other hand i saw Serenity at the weekend, and being a fan of the TV show Firefly on which it's based, i have to say i'd been looking forward to seeing this film quite a lot.

Joss Whedon has done a fantastic job of taking the beat up old ship and her crew onto the big screen, he keeps all the wit and charm of the TV series (even Wash's dinosaurs are still on the pilots console) and moves it all up a notch (space battles anyone??) for the big screen putting it all in a bigger wider universe.

The film is easily understood if you haven't seen the Tv show, i took a Firefly novice to see it and she loved the film, even getting emotional when tragedy strikes our heroes...

Go watch this film, it is a lesson in how Sci-fi can be done, if you have good characters, people reacting in believable ways, a logical series of events and faith that the audience has half a brain.

I loved this film, well done Joss :D

I give it

Now i have a favour to ask...don't tell my friends i've seen it, because i've talked a few of them into going to see it with me on wednesday...

Now IMDB is a lovely site, but why not link to a film's actual page instead of the article on IMDB?? I changed the link for you. ;-b
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Thanks Boss ;)

Monday, October 10, 2005 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 8:23 PM