Recovered thoughts in the night

I had written a beautiful, little post here about what I'm doing up at this god for saken hour and then my browser went and closed itself for no GODDAMN APPARENT REASON!!

Of course, I could just never have mentioned this and pretended it never happened, but you see, I liked that post. It was coming together very nicely, funny, and with some nice language. So I can't just pretend it never happened; it wouldn't have been fair to the poor lost little post!

So I shall try and recreate it, although it wont have the freshness of the original post!

I can't sleep, cause I have all these thoughts running rampage in my head, and the fact that I am sleeping (or in this case, am not) next to a man who's got a cold and thus with every breath releases, what sounds like, several hundred decibels though his nose, doesn't help matters. Neither does the wind rattling with the fences down in the courtyard.

There are a bunch of things I could se myself start doing right now, but I know I shouldn't. Cause if I get to caught up in whatever I'm doing, then I'll a) pass the point where I go beyond being tired and b) pass the point where there's just no point of going to bed, because it will already be morning.

Neither of which is helpful, seeing as the objective is to numb my brain from having any disturbing thoughts and making me exactly tired enough to be able to ignore the sounds from the surroundings. Whether I've reached that point yet, I am not certain.

One of the thoughts going through my head a lot of late, is that I'd like to take the afore mentioned story to where it is intended to go. But I don't know if I am able to do so. I am not even sure that I know where it is intended to go.

I never fancied myself a writer, a scribbler at most, I see things more in colours and shapes than in words.

Well, I think the time to sleep has finally come. And happily I did manage to recover most of the lost post. The memory is an odd thing. Some parts have no doubt improved by being rewritten, while others probably didn't suffer too much.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 1:32 AM