Man Flu

Wardi presents the chief tickler

Howdy Bloglanders :)

I have been ill for a few days, nothing serious, just a bit of a head cold, blocked up nose, that kinda thing, but i find myself pretending that i don't feel as ill as i do, because a the women at work (there are quite a lot of them) keep insisting that i'm being a baby, and all that men play sicker than they really are.

Well, that may be true of some men, but i don't, i'm as ill as i am. Too ill to feel 100% but not ill enough to curl up in bed for days and not go in work.

It's that bloody Male/female stereotyping again isn't it?

I don't have man flu, i have a head cold, i feel a bit shitty is all, but stop telling me i'm play acting, i came into work didn't i?? I didn't put on a pretend sick voice and stay at home did i!!!

It would serve you all right if i coughed all over you and made you feel all crappy like i do, bloody pain in the arse middle aged women that i work with, wouldn't it??

Flower dear, i like the random things about me entry, i may have to copy your idea there... :0

Thursday, October 06, 2005 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 6:53 PM