I'm not buying that!

A wee while ago, T and I were at Lakeside, doing a bit of shopping. As we were passing one of the promotional booths they got there, a sales lady approached us and before we had time to blink she was covering my hands in some kind of scrub.

Allegedly it was from the Dead Sea, or somewhere like that, and it was supposed to do all kinds of lovely things to your skin because of the salt and all the minerals and what-not that was in it. And I must admit that it did make my hands feel soft and smooth, but not enough to even consider buying it.

I think it was like £30 for a small tub, and she was 'willing' to do me a deal (2 tubs for £50 - what a bargain!), because she was sure that if I tried it and liked it I'd be so happy with it that I'd buy all my friends and family some of the stuff as Christmas presents!

Yeah, right.

I only thought about this little incident again because the other day I made my Limey Goodness scrub and it made my skin feel EXACTLY like whatever it was that she had in those tubs. So, I can make something with the same effect for about £1...

Hey, I bet I could sell that if I spun a good yarn about it, eh??

Friday, October 21, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 12:25 PM