The boss did it so why can't i?? 20 random things about me!

Wardi presents guestblogger
Wardi presents the chief tickler

Ever since the boss did this i felt the urge to have a go...

1) The tip of my right index finger is missing due to an accident with a running car engine.

2) As a child i had difficulty saying the words Dracula and calculator.

3) I am very good at juggling, i even made money busking a few times.

4) My favourite food is probably Lasagne. :)

5) On my way to work in a morning i see sheep, cows and horses every day.

6) I once dreamt i was abducted by aliens and experimented on (i hope it was just a dream).

7) Everyone says i ask too many questions.

8) I once talked a bloke out of jumping off a bridge.

9) I own a black car.

10) The first film i remember seeing at the cinema is Star Wars.

11) I own in excess of 700 books ( i may count them later then come back and edit this :)).

12) Flower is my favourite person on the interwebbynet :) (and i'm not just sucking up to the boss here...)

13) I have a band of freckles that encircles my right wrist like a bracelet.

14) No matter how many times i move out of my parents house i always seem to end up back here...

15) I love people watching, i can sit on a bench in a shopping centre all day and watch the people go by.

16) I know why the sky is blue!

17) I can do a pretty good impression of Yoda!

18) When i'm ordering food in a restaurant it always takes me ages to choose.

19) A girlfriend once sent me flowers.

20) I know a dinosaur name for every letter in the alphabet.

Sunday, October 16, 2005 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 7:43 PM