How ironic that yesterday I was raving about the new Wallace & Gromit film, and today it's in the news that Aardman's warehouse where they keep all the sets and memorabilia etc., has been destroyed by fire.

How very, very sad.

As if that wasn't enough; part of the Southend Pier has gone up in flames as well! We're actually going to Southend this weekend to see the fireworks they've got on there untill Guy Fawke's night. I guess we wont be getting on the Pier this time around...

Southend Pier is the world's longest pleasure pier:
The present iron pier was first opened in 1889 but only extended as far as what is now known as the Old Pier Head. The first extension was built to accommodate the increased number of steamboats visiting the Pier. This was opened in 1898 and is known as the New Pier Head. An upper deck was added and opened in 1908 and further extensions to this area were completed in 1927. The final addition to the length was opened in 1929. The Prince George Extension, as it is called, brought the length to 2360 yards (2158 metres) or 1.34 miles, the Longest Pleasure Pier in the World.

Monday, October 10, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 6:49 PM