Revenge of the Pink!

I like pink. I like pink a lot. Not because I'm a girlie girl in particular, but because I think it's a fabulous shiny happy colour.

Now, T has previously scoffed at the very idea of wearing anything pink; it isn't very manly. Or so he says!

I must strongly disagree, though!! I think a man who is confident enough to wear pink is very attractive.

So...a couple of weeks ago he actually bought a t-shirt which is pale pink, but pink nonetheless!! And I didn't even twist his arm to get him to buy it! In fact, he spotted it himself!

And yesterday he bought a pink shirt. That he is going to wear for work!!

When he sees this post he will realise that these aren't purchases to be regretted, as I, his girlfriend, find him wearing pink very sexy. Grrrr! ;-)

Sunday, September 25, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 8:53 PM