Radio Ga-Ga

One of the Danish TV stations just changed the appearance of their front page. Much to the chagrin of the users. And really, it does look like shite. Strange greyish-brown and sickly yellow... Shame on them!

Anyway, one good thing came of the redesign; the net-radio section has a much more prominent position now, and that made me realise (shows exactly how clever I am, right?) that I can listen to Danish radio over the internet.

Which is really nice, cause I miss listening to Danish stuff. And I miss watching (some) Danish telly... In fact, I've got my parents to tape some stuff for me that I can watch when I get back home... :-)

So, should you wish to listen to the station I listen to, click here and select P3 from the Netradio panel.

Thursday, September 29, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 12:03 PM