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Howdy Bloglanders.

As anybody who comes here knows the boss and I are both very big Star Wars fans.

Now, I love the SW expanded universe books, I started with the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn which was and still is, in my opinion, one of the best SW trilogies ever written and since reading them I haven't looked back...

Until the New Jedi Order series started, I bought the first book in which Chewie dies(Shock!! Horror!!!)

But my heart wasn't in it, I just started to think isn't it about time these guys got a bit quiet time?? All they ever did was fly around saving the universe again and again..

Anyhow, over time I started to miss my Literary SW fix and with a bit of research I narrowed down the best of the NJO books and just read a selected few, which on the whole weren't bad, I still think our brave hereos really need a week off but i enjoyed the stories and all the new characters that have been slowly introduced over the years.

Earlier this week I bought the latest paper back Star Wars novel "The Joiner King" this is a new trilogy of novels and it is set 35 years after ANH. 35 years!!
Even on the front cover Han is looking kinda old and haggered!!

Come on Lucas, it's time to give 'em a rest, at least for a while, the number of books is getting out of hand, our heros are starting to get old and just look at that timeline chart, how many disasters a year can they take???
I think that very one of them has earned at least a week off from saving the universe...

Just look at Han on the cover of that book... he looks knacked bless him
Buy him a warm blanket and give him a nice cup of tea!

*by the way if there are any none SW people out there ANH means "A New Hope" the film you all know and love as Star Wars :)*

Monday, September 05, 2005 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 6:48 PM