Copic Sketch Markers

Today I received my Copic markers in the post. Ever since I tried them first, last fall, I've been coveting them. But they are really expensive, so they weren't a priority. I suppose they shouldn't be now either, but hey. Anyway, I found a place that has the Sketch Markers at a reasonable price and they don't charge you for P&P if you buy for over £10.

So now I have them in black and 2 greys. They are also available in all these lovely colours.

The reason Copics are so fantastic, is that when you use them, the colours merge together, so you can't tell where one stroke meets the other. It's almost like painting, except it's not!

Copic Sketch Marker

Copic Sketch colour chart

Tuesday, September 06, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 10:04 PM