I bought some really fabulous brush pens over the internet, and today they arrived and they are as good as I thought they would be and I can't praise them enough!!

Wondering what a brush pen is?? Well, they are brushes, but the shaft/handle is hollow so you can fill it with water (or ink or whatever you might see fit to use), so you don't need to have a cup or something to hold the water you want to use with your watercolours.

Anyway, this is what they look like, and at the bottom is a quick watercolour I made of some dying flowers to try 'em out. Oh and the packaging for the brushes is really neat too. In sort of aqua colours and with a load of Japanese writing on it that I don't understand, but looks very pretty.

Aquash brush pen

Aquash brush pens

Vase with dead flowers

Friday, September 23, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 7:51 PM