Wardi of the Dead

Last night T and I finally watched Shaun of the Dead. I was looking forward to that because it's made by the people behind the loverly tv series Spaced.

And in many ways, it is exactly like Spaced. Only with zombies. The main characters are played by most of the main characters from Spaced. Even Jessica stevenson has a minor part, Yvonne. And it's only slightly less ditzy than the Daisy character.
Simon Pegg's character is every bit as silly as the one he plays in Spaced, but he has a more grown-up job (some kind of manager), which he's rather fed up with.
Nick Frost's character, Ed, seems also to be a slightly more grown-up of his Spaced character Mike. There's the same thing for weapons (although a bit less, he's not dressed in army kit at any time).
Even the relationship between Ed and Shaun is the same; with Shaun being the one who kinda looks after Ed.
And how neat that Julia Deakin plays Yvonne's mum. Though one might not notice it...

Anyway, there's no point in analysing the film, or describing it as such, most people have seen it already. So.

I liked the film. Except for one thing. The zombies. Not even when it's "just for fun", I don't like scary stuff.

Don't. Like. Scary. Stuff. Period.

You may taunt me about that now. I do not care one bit.

Monday, August 15, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 5:54 PM