Setting Free the Bears

T is building a bookcase, and in a little while he's gonna be watching Lost, which I wont be watching, seeing as I don't like watching scary stuff. And please! Don't tell me that it's not scary, I think I know what scary is when I see it: I had nightmares about BIG BEARS after the last one!!

Anyway, last week when we came down to the car (to go round T's parents and we were already running abit late..), there was a woman in the parking lot, on the phone, complaining about something. Before we got into the car, she had hung up and started talking to us; something about the ceiling in her flat and builders leaving cement on her carpets. And she went on about this for quite a while. Which was annoying, and she had weird eyes as well.

A few days later, when we were at the gym to sign up, who do we meet there?? CAN YOU GUESS IT?? Yes, that woman. She's the manager there, if you'll believe that!!

And it doesn't stop there, oh no! The first time we went there, for our assesments, she was just leaving the car park, and when we were there last night, we met her again!!! It's like she's bloody following us!

You get an imaginary girlfriend goldstar if you can tell me where I stole the title for this entry. ;-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:55 PM