Now with product placement

As briefly mentioned in the previous post, there was a LOT of product placement in the Island. There are in many films. But for some reason it REALLY STUCK OUT in this one.

First one is the clothes the clones wear (it seems weird to talk about clones in a non-SW context...), especially the shoes. There's a scene at the beginning where McGregor's character holds up one of his shoes, because one of them is missing from his otherwise immaculate drawer. And it VERY CLEARLY shows off the Puma logo. And there's not really any reason for that bit. In fact, it's really annoying, cause it's never explained why that shoe is missing!!!

Later on, Johansson and McGregor have a fight in a virtual fighting machine. But it's not just any fighting machine. Oh no. It's an X-box fighting machine. The audience is in no doubt about that, the logo is emblazoned in X-large in almost every frame of that scene. A scene there's no real need for (another), because at no point do they need these particular fighting skills. Now if that had been the case, it might have been excused. But as it is, it seems like that scene is there with the sole purpose of getting the logo in the film.

And one of my favourites: the phonebook/box, they use at some point, is apparently owned by Microsoft (Oh how Bill Gates wishes that were true!). The colourful butterfly logo is definitely impossible to miss! Atleast that scene had a purpose in the film.

At the end of the film, Johansson is buying icecream for a bunch of kids in a park, from a stand that is unmistakably Ben&Jerry's! This scene also has a purpose, although there's no reason for the camera to stay on the B&J logo as long as it does. Other than, obviously, for the unsuspecting audience to not notice it, but nonetheless leave the cinema craving B&J's icecream...

And Nokia makes an appearance too. But of course... you would expect people to need mobile phones, so I guess there is a perfectly good reason to stick the logo up our noses...

And my alltime favourite, which is also the only one that I found funny: the Calvin Klein commercial that Johansson's other character apparently appears in. Only that it is a real commercial. And I just found that funny. As the only one, apparently. I sure was the only one who laughed.

Contrary to what you might think, I actually liked the film.. I'm just pointing out a few things, yanno.. ;-)

Friday, August 19, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 8:34 PM