I'm missing a left shoe

Wardi and Glory does the Island.

Yep! For once I've seen a film what it was still at the cinema! Anyway, reviews can get so boring and onsided, so I thought we'd do this in a different way, so below is our conversation about the Island.

Wardi: we went to see the Island..

Glory: last night??

Glory: i saw it last night!

Wardi: in the afternoon, we went out for a meal with his parents in the evening

Wardi: Oooo

Wardi: what did you think?

Glory: what you think?

Glory: LOL

Wardi: lol

Glory: i enjoyed the first hour..

Glory: but they dropped the ball at bit after that...

Glory: it had some good parts...

Glory: a good film trying to escape car chases and gun battles...

Wardi: umm... trying to avoid car chases you say...

Glory: now the fiolm would have been better with less of that kind of mindless lets destroy the street crap...

Wardi: ah yes

Wardi: i fully agree

Wardi: and more of Ewan............

Glory: the first hour was great, i though this is interesting...

Glory: and the part with the two ewans was good...

Wardi: yes, i agree .oO{mmm.. Ewan...}

Glory: calm down dear..

Wardi: and oh my GOD!! could they have put product placement in it?????

Glory: god i know

Glory: microsoft, audi, puma...

Wardi: nokia!

Glory: yes fucking huge NOKIA!

Glory: i thought the futuristic city was well done though...

Wardi: yes

Wardi: and it wasnt that different from what we would see in San Francisco these days

Wardi: which is good, if you remember my rant about Scfi-Fi.. ;-)

Glory: yes...

Glory: it is happening all around us....

Glory: :D

Glory: we live in the future utopia :)

Glory: shit i lost my jumpsuit

Wardi: oh

Wardi: i lost my left shoe

Glory: LOL

Glory: i loved that start, the walls kept telling him off, very 1984 ish...

Wardi: yeah lol

Wardi: but also.. it really underlined that his health was being monitored closely, because they needed them to stay healthy

Glory: yes...

Glory: because he was basically an organ bag...

Wardi: and oh, it really made me cringe every time they called them 'products' how scary was that thought??

Glory: yeah...

Glory: and the way they we're actually told that they were winning a chance of a lifetime when in reality they were ending up on a table..

Glory: the part where the mother was killed as soon as the baby was delivered was grim

Wardi: yes.. very very grim

Glory: it could have been a very powerful film if they hadn't dropped the ball half way thought and gone for guns and explosions...

Wardi: yeah

Wardi: and .. what's his name.. Steve Buscemi should have had more time! he's always excellent!!

Glory: the first hour felt like a different film to me, it was more intelegent, bleaker..

Glory: and as soon as they ascaped it went abit silly...

Glory: ok, you have to have the chase sense i get that, but a group of mecenaries blowing stuff up left and right...

Wardi: yeah

Glory: not exactly subtle were they??

Wardi: that's not very subtle

Wardi: LOL!!

Glory: LOL

Wardi: cause wouldnt people start asking questions about who they were??

Wardi: even if they were dressed as police men and that

Glory: and the lead chase guy changing his mind at eh end..

Wardi: it would just drawn attention to them and the people they were working for

Wardi: yeah, we should have seen his doubts about the job earlier on

Glory: i see what they tried to do there, but it could have been more.. subtle

Glory: yes

Glory: still i enjoyed it on the whole...

Wardi : me too

Glory: one question thought...

Wardi : and do you think the doctor enjoy his role as “god”??

Wardi: or was he just trying to kid himself and strangle his guilty conscience??

Glory: at one point in the film sean bean holds up a brain scan thingy and compares it to an old one...

Glory: and says something about the clone turning into the original or something like that...

Glory: ok, fine i buy that... hes a lot like the original...

Glory: but where the fuck did he get the boat in the dream that is identical to the boat the guy in the real world is making and where did the latin word from??

Glory: come

Wardi: i know, that is odd

Glory: they implied some kind of mind meld thing going on...

Wardi: that would.. suggest that our memories aren’t only stored in the brain.. but in the DNA..

Glory: yes....

Wardi: some people think that humans have like a shared memory so that we would in theory be able to remember what happened 1000s of years ago...

Glory: ok

Glory: ok films that they borrowed from.. Logans run.. 1984... THX1138

Wardi: i dont know.. im not always so sharp that i notice that kinda thing

Wardi: but i totally laughed my butt off at the Calvin Klein commercial

Wardi: and I was the only one who laughed at that!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 10:34 PM