Baby on board

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Howdy people.

The other day i was driving home from work and i noticed that the car in front of me had one of those we've got a baby in the car sticker signs hanging in the back window and as we were stuck at some traffic lights (and i wasn't involved in attempting to not be hit by all the mad people in control of cars on the roads) i pondered this sign, the structure of the writing confused me. The signs layout was this:


Now call me pedantic but to me this says that somewhere they have a baby on a board that they want everyone to know about! Not that they are carrying a baby in the car. If you wanted to tell people you had a baby in the car surely the sign should read:


So this little bit of confusion rattled around in my head until i got home and i decided to look up the word Onboard.
In my 2003 Collins dictionary the word "Onboard" does not appear, but i have found the word in several online dictionaries.

So, some dictionaries recognise it as a word and others as two seperate words, i have always thought of the word "Onboard" as a single word and splitting it into "On" and "Board" just seems confusing.

Ahh, the English language it is because of it's confusing nature that i love it so... :)

Unless.... Maybe they really did have a baby on a board somewhere and they sell tickets to view this...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 3:37 PM