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Today i'm going to tell you about something my friend Andrew did yesterday, he went to a funeral. A friend of his, Greg Hulse, someone from school who Andrew hadn't seen in several years had died recently in a car accident, this is sad, too short a life, a young man taken away too early, someone younger than me...

Now, Andrew is a lazy student on summer holidays, so when his mother told him that she'd heard the funeral was set for early on Thursday morning Andrew knew he'd have to make the effort to get out of bed earlier than his usual lunch time.
So he got up early, donned his suit and with his mother in tow headed off to pay his respects, they arrived at the church and found a place to sit, but something didn't seem right to Andrew, he hadn't seem anyone he knew...

The service got under way and the priest started to talk about the deceased : one Greg Howse!!! Andrew and his mother were in the wrong funeral!
Now it turns out that this school friend of Andrew's moved to Canada with his family several years ago so you would assume that is where the funeral actually took place, Andrew knew this but still thought it may be a funeral for the same person.

So i asked "W!hat did you do??"
"What could we do? Get up and say sorry wrong funeral in the middle of the service??"
So not only did they sit through the wrong funeral, to add insult Andrew's mum made him go up and take communion as well, having to stand in line feeling a bit stupid and foolish with a bunch of people who were at the right funeral!!

But imagine misshearing a name like that? Greg Hulse for Greg Howse!!
And imagine turning up at the wrong funeral??
Having a sick sense of humour i, along with Andrew himself and his brother found this story all very funny, and you know i will just have to say something to his mother when i see her next...

I know death is a serious thing, but hey, none of us get out alive and you just have to find the funny side in everything...

But can you think of anything you'd rather do with your Thursday morning than sit uncomfortably in a cold church on those hard wooden benches they have, taking part in the wrong funeral??

They didn't even get to go to the wake and there is always free food and drink at those, which would have a least got them a slight return on the day!!

Friday, August 05, 2005 posted by Ysblander/Glory/Kudos @ 8:52 PM