Of chocolate and metalness

Now might be the time to invest in Cadbury's!

Metal heads, anyone?? Christopher Lee lover?? Maybe you should go to the Earth Shaker Festival in Germany, cause he will be performing with both Manovar and Rhapsody.

The man is 82 years old. I can't even describe how odd this seems. But you know, maybe he's deaf, so he can't hear the music anyway. ;-b

Ok, I just did some more research into the matter, and it turns out that Lee has been involved with a Rhapsody album, The Magic Of The Wizard`s Dream. Fancy that!
{Thanks for turning my attention to this, Kalos!}

Well, who would ever have thought I'd mention metal bands here...

Driving back from my flat this afternoon I took kind of a scenic detour, passing some familiar places. I wonder when I will see them again??

It's strange the connection I feel with this flat land. It's almost like that is what I'll miss the most.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:27 PM