For your clicking pleasure.

Like Celine Dion being herself isn't bad enough...

This one is for T. As the quintessential Englishman he is, he loves his tea. (I love my T, too)

Egg Bacon Chips and Beans
. More English fare. I wouldn't touch that, though.

WOW! Y'all!! This is fricking scary. Not one of them look like they are happy, like they are enjoying themselves. Why do people do this?!?!

Let's do the 69 thing, honey... How's that for viral marketing??

And staying on topic..? I believe this was an actual IKEA commercial...

This one is for you, Dexy.

More art: Etched in Time. This guy makes art on Etch-a-Sketches!!

Elvis made with Post-It notes!

You may recall that I posted about this, and now I found out that someone's made a spoof of it. And it's so cool!

Das Virtuelle Computermuseum. We had one of these, but then, who didn't??

You can call me a missionary all you like, but sign this thing while you do!

And if you didn't watch it live.. you can catch Live8 performances here.

I love my bookmarks. But that's all for now. :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 12:00 AM