What's your story?

Every day we tell other people stories about who we are. Or, if you don't tell other people who you are, I think there's a good chance you're telling yourself. Although you may not know it on a conscious level.

In earlier days this story-telling wasn't so widespread, I believe. Because back then, you knew who you were; a fireman, a nurse, a secretary, and so on. You were defined by your job and/or your family.

Today, people change jobs frequently, so that's not such a stable way of describing who you are anymore. Neither is your family. Not because there's something wrong with your family, but because a lot of people don't have the same feeling of being the product of this or that family. So it has less importance in your self-definition.

No, today we define ourselves by our interests, by our character-traits. Some people are able to fuse these with their job, for example, but you can easily define yourself as a writer or gardner, even if these are not your job, and do not give you any income whatsoever.

What's your story?

I've been wondering about these stories, because when you are a part of online communities, people tell stories about themselves too. And perhaps even more so than face-to-face. Because you are faceless, so your story becomes your face. You can elaborate on parts of your personality, and pretend others don't exist.

If you use screen names in different relations, that sreen name tells an awful lot about you. Do you use your own name? A name that's completely different, and made up perhaps? Does it reflect your taste in music? And so on...

Mine is Wardi. Which has a very specific meaning to me. Because it hails from my past
and it incorporates sides of me that I would like emphasized. Because I believe they define me, tell the story of who I am... In a sense.

It's Arabic, a dear friend of mine nicknamed me Wardi more than 10 years ago. It means flower. (If you know me just a little bit, chances are I've already told you this.) Obviously, I am not a flower, but I loke flowers and the idea Flower has connotations which I would like to be associated with me.

What those things are, exactly, you make that up, but the associations I have in mind are the positive ones...

Also, the fact that the name is Arabic reflects my love of languages, my (I hope) openness towards other cultures, places and people. The Arabicy-ness may also lend me some Eastern mystique, but that may only be in my mind.

Which of course, is the whole point: it is only in my mind. And yours too!

So what's on your mind? And what is the story you're telling other people??

If this made sense at all, I'd like to know what you think!

Friday, June 03, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 6:07 PM