What have the Irish ever done for us?

This is a question that I dare say has been asked many's the time in many different places around the world. Well apart from showing the world how to party and for the likes of Guinness and St Paticks Day what ever have the Irish contributed?

Well as far back as the dark ages and the end of the roman empire the irish were the ones who saved christianity .The great books of the new testament were transcribed by Irish monks and they kept christianity alive while the barbarian hordes sacked Rome and the great european cities.

Some other notable contributions.

Mayonaisse:Yep its French but made for an Irishman.A general called Mahon.

The Submarine: Holland an Irishman designed and built the first modern Submarine.

Boyle's Laws:yep for you physics lovers Robert Boyle was an Irishman.

Literature: George Bernard Shaw,Oscar Wilde,Joyce,Yeats,Swift(Gullivers Travels) to name but a few.

Music:U2,Thin Lizzy, traditional music,Riverdance to name a few

The word Boycott.After Charles Boycott a landlord's agent.

Atomic energy:Ernest Walton was one of the pioneers in Nuclear power,hailed from Waterford.

Waterford Crystal Glass:Famous around the world,including the Times Square New year's globe.

In the world of film:Grace Kelly,Richard Harris,Peter O Toole,Liam Neeson Tyrone Power

First female Government minister:Countess Markovictz

First society with full sexual equality was the Irish Celtic nation where women carried the same rights and freedoms as their male counterparts.

I'm sure there are many more to add to the list but thats for another time.

Hope one or two of those listed there surprised you.See,we're so much more than singing and Drinking

Monday, June 13, 2005 posted by KJ @ 8:30 PM