More reasons to love Firefox!

Like the built-in pop-up blocking, the integrated search bar (it defaults to Google), the tabbed browsing (love Love LOVE that!) and the vast number of extensions available for further customisation (especially digging ColorZilla which lets you get colour information from anywhere on a page!) wasn't enough, I have just found this out:

* Click on a link with the mouse scroll wheel to open that page in a new tab
* Click on an open tab with the mouse scroll wheel to close that tab
* Non-mouse scroll wheelers: Control-click (Command-click for Mac users) opens a link in a new tab
* Shift-click opens a link in a new window

{from Lifehacker}

I had something a lot more profound to say today, but I'm feeling rather ecstatic about this finding, so I'd rather plug Firefox. Really, I cannot recommend it enough. It'll change your browsing-experience - perhaps even your entire life!

Get Firefox
, people!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 8:34 PM