Hey there, blurker!

Yup, it's you I'm talking about! You come here with your drinks and popcorn and just let me blabber on and you never give me any feedback. And I know you are there!

Shirley, whatever nonsense I scribble around here, must start off atleast a few electronic impulses in your brain - why not participate?? It only gets better that way!

Blurker, we've been there before...

Anyway, tomorrow morning I'm off to the California place. But that doesn't mean the blog is going on holiday too. No, kids, there will be a substitute, so play nice! And do leave some feedback for the poor sucker (haha sorry!) I've enlisted to do my...job. ;-)

KJ, it's all yours!

PS. You may have noticed the white band at the top right. It's a link to Make Poverty History, and that's a very worthy cause. Click on it and do what you can.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 12:01 PM