More accessible

I thought I'd just say a bit about what I've done to this site, apart from what you can physically see, and why I've done it.

There are no tables (tables should not be used for mark-up/positioning!).

The "alt" attribute is used for all descriptive images.
This helps people who are blind and who count on a screen reader to tell them what's on the page; imagine having it say "image" "image" a dozen times or more, and you had no idea what that image was of! I'm sure it would get pretty annoying. It also helps people who are using a text-only browser, or people who surf the net with images turned off (Chris ;-b ).

There's a skip menu, although invisible.
This will also help people who can't see the page, as the html isn't completely linear. Meaning that in the html, the main part of the site doesn't come first. The skip menu makes it easy to jump to the main section and skip the sidebars.

There should be sufficient colour brightness/contrast (but please correct me if I'm wrong, Suzanne) and the links are not set apart from normal text by colour alone.
This mainly helps people who are colourblind, but I must say that, although links, which are not underlined, are soemtimes more pleasing to the eye, I quite like having them underlined. There's nothing more annyoing than a site where you have no clue what is a link, what is normal text or what is a headline.

The page should work in text browsers.
Although I have no indications that anyone access the page with a text browser, it makes sense to make it that way. Because it's really what happens when you use proper mark-up. I.e. html for positioning/content and css for the apperance.

This also means that you can view the page with the css switched off or not supported.

The page works on different browser window sizes.
I'm very happy with this, cause it means that you can look at the page in different sizes and it keeps its proportions. So, whether you are using 800x600, 1024x768 or larger (Dex), there should be no scrollbars or expances of emptiness.

The page uses relative units for text size.
So if you find that your reading glasses aren't doing a proper job, you can enlarge the text if you have such a need. And without breaking the layout of the site!

Thursday, May 05, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 2:34 PM