A commercial that can be seen on Danish tv at the moment:

A family (mum, dad, son and daughter) are in the kitchen.
Mum puts dirty floor washing thingy into bucket of water, water then becomes very dirty.
Mum passes the bucket to dad, who passes it to son who passes it to daughter who exchanges the dirty water, and they send the bucket back to mum.
She puts the floor washing thingy into the bucket and the water becomes dirty instantly, despite mum not having used it yet.
Split image that shows that same action with a bucket of water that hasn't had the advertised product in it and one that has. In the one that has, the dirt falls to the bottom of the bucket and in the other it makes the water dirty.
Then back to the family, and now it's dad who's holding the floor washing thingy and the floor is clean and everyone is happy. Actualy, if I recall correctly, the rest of the family is applauding dad!


To me that seems to say that "look, it takes a man to figure out how to do cleaning with the proper products". Which is like, totally bollocks!
Like men should be praised when they clean! Which is also totally bollocks, cause not many women are applauded when they clean!

Saturday, May 07, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 1:22 PM