Candles to remember

Tonight marks the 60th anniversary of the message (via the BBC from London) that the Germans had surrendered and that Denmark (and a bunch of other countries) was free!

People assembled in the streets and made bonfires, especially burning the blackout curtains they had to use during the war years so light wasn't visible from the air at night. And people put lit candles in their windows, to further stress the fact that now the windows didn't have to be blacked out anymore.

Still today people do this (although it's mostly older people who do it), and I think it iss important. It is important to remember what a precious thing freedom is, and how it can be lost if you don't appreciate it.

I think I've always been conscious of this day, because my grandfather was arrested by the Germans (he was an officer in the Danish army) and spent time in an internment camp in Denmark and was almost sent to an internment camp in Germany. Thank goodness that didn't happen, cause we all know that those places weren't too good for the general health of most of the people who ended up there.

So, I remember this day every year and put lit candles in my windows. WWII should never be forgotten, although whether we've actually learnt anything from it...I'm not so sure. Rather, I think there are still demagogs afoot who are equally capable of making people believe their lies. But I shall not name any names.

Related... last night I watched an interview with Traudl Junge who was one of Hitler's secretaries. And she was the one who wrote down his last will. It was a very interesting interview. Especially her claims to have been kept in the dark and the belief of many historians that she and others close to the Führer suffered from an entirely self-induced amnesia.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 5:34 PM