Bookmark this!

I love finding links to interesting blogs and other sites on the interwebbynet. And I love bookmarking them for future use/reading. Alas, I only return to a very few of them - there only so many hours in a day, after all.

Despite this fact, which I'm well aware of, I keep bookmarking them. And recently even more so! Cause quite a while ago I heard about StumbleUpon which lets you, well, stumble upon sites on the internet. It's really most excellent if you like browsing the crap that is out there. Although most of it is actually really good, some of it is also really crap.

So I use StumbleUpon to help feed my hunger for new sites to forget about! Despite y best intentions.

And now I've also discovered the joy that is, a socalled social bookmarking..thingy. I don't know if I have a use for the 'social' part of it, but the bookmarking part is grrreat! Cause now I can bookmark a site from anywhere! And, AND, I can access the bookmarks from ANY computer! How great is that?! Really great if you ask me!

Speaking of..umm.. toys: look at this mp3 player that T gave me for my birthday. I love gadgets! :-D
Ministry of Sound mp3 player

Thursday, May 05, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:36 AM