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Below is my "review" of Revenge of the Sith, so if you haven't seen it yet, and want to remain spoiler-free, you may want to skip this entry for now.

Untill you've seen the movie. Which I think you should. As soon as you can. In fact, stop reading this and get yourself off to the cinema. I promise you, this will still be here when you come back. So, now, off you go.

Wow! The beginning with the battle over Coruscant...really liked that: the scale, the speed, the explosions!

The droids in the hangar bay on Grievous' ship...those cartoony voices, what the fuck was that about?? That really annoyed me. It was supposed to be comic relief, I'm sure, but it was just plain silly, IMO. And the whole bit with R2 hiding the communicator that echoed all over the hangar bay... I dunno.. it just seemed unnessecary - you could have used that time/space for something much more interesting, George!

Grievous. Not sure I like this character at all. And I definitely don't like that he's using lightsabers. Those are the weapons of a Jedi! AND! If Count Dooku is the one who taught Grievous to use lightsabers, why aren't they RED instead of blue and green?? Oh and the coughing and weezing, that was fucking annoying as well. I know, it's there to show that he's not ALL machine, but sheesh...

Padmé is as interesting as a cardboard figure and what is it with her almost dripping-wet moist lips?? She always got a lipgloss handy even at the direrest of times?? As far as leading ladies go, I like Leia a lot more. She had spunk! Not all this wishy-washy "Oh Ani...!" crap. Bah!

Speaking of ermm..crap, I'm happy that all the "romantic" stuff was reduced to a minimum. Cause to make that tolerable, you need a director who's more of a people director, than action director, which Lucas certainly, self-admittedly, isn't. So there are only a few scenes with painfully cheesy dialogue and wooden display of emotion.

And speaking of wooden, I was surprised to see that, well, Hayden is actually capable of acting! Who'd have guessed that from watching AOTC?? Although he's still too pouty at times. But overall he turns in a good performance. And when he turns all grungy, grimy and dark, he's actually kinda hot. Girls like the bad guys, don't we? ;-b

McGregor is lovely, as always. More of a father figure in his own right, instead of just pretending to be Alec Guinness as Obi-wan (although he did that brilliantly!). He has some very strong moments in the film. And he's got some odd lines too, lines that you might have expected to come from a Han Solo, but not Obi-wan. But I guess Obi-wan isn't such a serious dude. I think he likes to par-tay! ;-) It was kinda cool, though, how he, after finishing off Grievous, with a blaster, he throws it aside saying "so uncivilised!".

Now, I know, Yoda isn't played by a real actor, but the performance deserves a mention anyway. They've come a long way since that muppet puppet in the 70s-80s. He does feel real now. He can actually display emotion, and very subtle too! Well, done, ILM! Oh and, in this film I think it's the first time anyone has ever commented on Yoda's complexion.. Sidious calls him "my little green friend". But I guess that's not meant in a friendly way...

The best performance, though, is Ian McDiarmid's. The subtle diabolic way Palpatine uses Anakin's fear of losing Padmé, to make him believe his lies about the Jedi's plot. Making Anakin believe that his only way to save Padmé is by turning to the dark side. It really is chilling to see how McDiarmid IS the evil Sith lord, the cunning mastermind behind everything. The evil one sensed in the OT, is much more pronounced in this film. The scene where he's fighting Mace Windu and externally turns into the twisted person he is internally; eek, that's a blood-freezing moment! And the bit where he finishes off Mace, "power, absolute power", he looks almost orgasmic!
I would love to see McDiarmid get an Oscar for this role.

Let's talk about the fight between Anakin and Obi-wan. I've always thought that Anakin falling into lava, AND surviving it, to be the dumbest idea, so I was really interested to see how they were going to pull that one off - and making it believable too! But they do! And it's fucking awesome! I think the reason why I find it believable is that Anakin doesn't fall into a stream of lava, as I had feared. He falls on the edge of the lava stream, which is hot enough to burn him, but not so hot that it seems unbelievable that he could survive - although needing the black suit we know and love.

When he is put in that suit, and especially the mask, is a big moment. Cause that's like, this is! This is when he becomes the Darth Vader that is to be feared in the whole galaxy! And the breathing!!

Memorable moments:
The execution of Order 66: Anakin entering the Jedi temple with the troopers, the killing of the Jedi.
The moment when Yoda realises that perhaps the prophecy about the Chosen One may have been misinterpreted.
Yoda and Sidious fighting in the senate, throwing senator pods at each other!
The final moments between Anakin and Obi-wan. "You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would, destroy the Sith, not join them. It was you who would bring balance to the Force, not leave it in Darkness." Damn, Ewan, that's some fine acting! *sob*
Seeing all the wookiees! And their beautiful planet.
Anakin, after killing the Separatist leaders, looking into the lava, one tear rolling down his cheek.
And SO many more!

Now, this film is obviously the one that has to bring the 2 trilogies together, and I think it does that very nicely.
Bail Organa's ship looks almost like a replica of the Tantive IV, so seeing them on that ship feels like a home coming of sorts. In that hall way is when we saw Vader for the very first time, and who can ever forget that moment??
The twins being split up and the final shot of the film being Owen and Beru standing with baby Luke looking at the twin suns setting, mimicking the shot of Luke in Ep. IV.
Vader, the Emperor and a younger Tarkin overlooking the very earliest stages of the construction, of the Death Star, from a Star Destroyer.
R2 and Threepio are given to Captain Antilles, with the caveat that Threepio should have his memory erased. Ha.

The dialogue in the film is just as cheesy as always, "you can type this shit...", but hey, that's what makes it so damn quotable, isn't it!?

I'm very happy that this film (despite a few, minor, shortcomings) is pretty much everything anyone could have hoped for. I know, there are some who will have all sorts of complaints about it. And you can do that, that's fine. But, I don't mind admitting to being an apologist, so in my book this is a great film. And as opposed to the 2 prequel films you can virtually feel the Force in this one. Perhaps because in this one there is now a clear enemy?? Because everything is more black and white?? (although, seeing the world in absolutes is a Sith thang - but I guess it works for story-telling too, huh??)

This film is a great addition to the Star Wars story, and it makes Eps. I and II a LOT better. And puts a new perspective on things in the OT.

It's great entertainment and a great Star Wars film. I love it. Thank you, George!

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Friday, May 20, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:17 AM