Google browser??

Look at the image below; it shows the browser stats for my website as of five minutes ago. Apparently a browser called Google makes up 1% of the browsers.

Now, I know that Google has bought the domain name,*, last year (on my birthday, actually! But I digress..), and that has made more than one person outthere speculate on a future browser from Google.

I guess it makes sense. Considering all the other things you can do with Google, or applications owned by Google: Gmail, Picasa, Blogger, the toolbar etc etc, so why not just make one handy application that can do it all!

And it would be pretty cool if you had a tabbed browser where you could also have tabs for your email programme, your image editor etc. Yeah, of course there's the thing about would it be free? It probably would, with some kind of ads like on the google search results.. but would that be so bad if the application worked? I dunno.

Of course if it did work, if it turned out to be all you could ever need, then there's the risk of of it becoming a monopoly - Google already is as far as search engines are concerned - like Microsoft is in some areas... (And if that makes you think, "yeah, they're like the rulers of the OS", then perhaps Google's got that covered too...)

Monopoly is usually a bad thing, but if it works..maybe it isn't so bad after all. At the moment, Google seems very approachable, because it simply looks, well, simple. And it's still a fairly new company (compared to the likes of Microsoft and Yahoo! etc.), so people see it as less corporate! Plus there's no super-rich übergeek pulling the strings, atleast there's no focus on such a person. For example, can you tell me who the inventors of Google is? Most people can't.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that people would be more likely to trust Google, and its applications, with more things if they're able to keep this friendly image. And if they're capable of keeping the users happy (most people don't understand why Microsoft have to send out pathces all the time, for example, "why can't they just make it work in the first place?") and continually developing the things the users need and want. Because the bigger the company gets, the greater is the risk that the decision making becomes slower and the inventiveness becomes more limited (because they need to keep the stockholders happy).

We'll see. Although there are so many rumours about all these things, Google might surprise people, like they did with Gmail. April 9 2005 browser stats

*Clicking on it will do you no good, it only leads to a "the server could not be found" page.

Saturday, April 09, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 8:02 AM