The Force Wired

Ep. III being almost upon is, I thought it fitting to give you a few links to some Lucas goodiness. All from the lovely Wired.

Life After Darth. George Lucas was born to make underground films. Then a little movie called Star Wars lured him to the dark side. Can the father of the blockbuster really rediscover his avant-garde soul?

The New Heart of the Empire. Inside the brand-new gaming/effects factory where Lucas & Co. are creating the future.
And some parts of it are open to the public. You could be rubbing shoulders with the Great Flannelled One himself!

Q&A with Lucas on Star Wars, history lessons, and Fahrenheit 9/11

Still gritting my teeth at the reluctance of the blog code to submit to my will - HOW DARES IT??

Friday, April 29, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 1:28 PM