Call me...Foxy!

I'm still working on the new design, which, sadly, I probabably wont get done before T gets here. Tomorrow!

Frustrating, cause I really wanted to get it together, so I'm not constantly thinking about it (ok, that's an exaggeration!).

I suppose I could throw a new design together, but since there are some issues that I want to deal with in this new design, that's not gonna happen. Cause those are things that I've not previously worked with. Although I've been aware of their existence, as it were. For example relative units for text size, sufficient colour contrast (specifically that links aren't differentiated from normal text by colour alone), the site should work well in different browser window sizes, and different browsers, too.

But some of these things I've not worked with before, and that makes this a learning process as well. Which means that I probably wont be completely happy with the design, and will be pining for "version 2", where, hopefully, I can apply the things, I learn now, more freely.

One of the things that are really dawning upon me, is EXACTLY how different browsers really are! And also that the Internet Explorer that so many people use is NOT THE BEST BROWSER! At all!

I've had Opera installed for quite a while, but I never really got into it.. I kept reverting back to IE. Then, a while ago, I installed Firefox, and boy, is that FOXY!?
There are so many things about it that are just so much better than IE. It complies better with web standards, it has tabbed (and "normal" window" browsing, you can browse sites as text only (very handy for the development of sites that need to be accessible!), it blocks most pop-ups, it has a Google search field in the toolbar.. what more can you want?!

If you want one thing that will help make your web-experience a 100 times better, get Firefox!

Friday, April 22, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 3:54 PM