The post that almost got away...

On Friday I was going home on the bus. This is a fairly common occurance. What is also quite common is that the busdriver will announce the approaching stops on the microphone in front of him/her. And usually they will turn it off in between talking into it.

Not so on Friday. The woman driving the bus kept it on all the time, and right by her mouth too (I know this cause I could see her in the rear view mirror). Therefor you could easily hear her say goodbye to people leaving the bus, as you could hear her chew her gum (Oh how I loathe people who chew gum so that other people can hear it!).

But the culmination was when she burped! Into the microphone! Which was still turned on!!

Now, it wasn't a very loud burp, and I might not even have noticed if I hadn't been looking at her in the mirror at that very moment! But there it was! A burp! In public, on an open mike!

I considered asking her if she had left the mike on intentionally, but I didn't...

So, thus ended the post that almost got away.

PS. In case you're wondering about my job, I'd love to tell you all about it, but I think talking about your job on your blog isn't always a good thing. (q.v.) However, I will say this, I'm liking it very much. I get to do stuff and the people are nice. The hours can be long, but that's ok, cause I'm learning stuff too.

Monday, March 14, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 7:16 PM