Now with skin care.

Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on cremes and the like when you can follow my simple recipe and have soft and smooth skin at a fraction of the cost??

Here is what you do:
Take a small bowl and in this bowl you mix the following together:
(fresh!) juice of half a lime fruit
(try to get some of the flesh (? is that what you call it?? Anyway...) into the mix as well, cause there's a lot of goodness in it!)
2 table spoons of sugar
2 tea spoons of table salt
(if you prefer, you can just use either sugar or salt, but since they are of slightly different sizes, together they will get into all the pores...)
approx. 1 table spoon olive oil

And now you're ready to slap it onto your face. Do remember to rinse it off again, cause it will get pretty sticky because of the sugar. And don't eat it either, cause there's quite a lot of salt in that and eating that would probably make you quite ill!

There's more than enough in this portion to make your face nice and smooth, so you can easily share it with your girl friend or your sister or whomever else might profit from such a treatment. I suspect if you make a double portion, there should be enough to give your whole body a good scrub.

And who doesn't like soft skin??

Tell me how it went!

Sunday, March 06, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 5:30 PM