Happy clicking, my darlings!

I was gonna type a big old rant about baggy pants, but I'm feeling too peaceful to lose my rag over that! For the moment that is!

Instead I give you links.

The original Geek Test. I scored in the high 20's... so I'm not worryingly geeky. ;-)

Why Work? Indeed, why? Ha.

The unspoken language of the office... So complicated...

The Haggis Hurl. Just about the oddest thing I've stumbled upon for a long time...

And a cousin of that, Poke A Sheep. Which I'm rubbish at.

Some interesting facts about Google. Atleast I think it is. And I'm not even 30% geek, so you can't trust me on such matters!

Oh THIS is fun! 8 (EIGHT!) fun arcade games from days long gone! Pac Man, Tetris, Space Incaders and more fun to boot!

The tin foil prank. Some people... Maybe they know these people??

The following I don't recall how I found, but I'm awfully happy I did! The entertainment value is amazing!
And it's not like storm troopers aren't ridiculous in the first place! I'm sure Luke didn't have any Coke! The cloak is big with this one! Ummm...I'm lost... what IS that?? So that's where Jedis get their gear, the Gap! Look at the size of that thing! Hey, that's actually not bad! I bet you didn't know Darth Vader likes it...ummm..nevermind.. Someone get that walking carpet out of my way!

Monday, March 21, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 7:18 PM