Google, fetch!

Google, let me count the ways I use thee:
- the toolbar in my browser that even stops pop ups (how I loathe pop ups!)
- the text ad on this very blog
- my Gmail, oh lovely 1GB of email storage space! (I still got some invites left for that, btw!)
- even the very tool I use to write this, is part of Google
- I can download an application to my desktop that will help me search the files on my computer
- to search the Internet, is there anything you cannot find for me??

Apparently there is one thing that Google cannot find for me: where are my keys??

I would like to see a device in the near future that can either tell me where my keys are at any time, or be able to search for it for me. And in a way that doesn't make the whole house look like someone's gone through it with a truck! Is that so much to ask for??

I can see it now, little Minority Report-like spiders* that go through every nook and cranny to find my keys. Of course, they will find them in the last place they search, but that's the first law of searching, isn't it?!

*If you know anything about search engine technology, I believe the spider comparison won't be lost on you. Haha...

Saturday, March 19, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 3:27 PM